Dream of Shooting Butterflies in Tropic

I read all the posts I have written these days and I find it more or less a little negative. When I woke up today, it was warm in my room and the sunshine was bright and vernal. So I just ignore the cold winter outside my window or any unhappiness and came back to my bed again, closing my eyes, feeling the warmness, imagining something which could relax me. Suddenly, I found a feeling I were in tropical forest, imagining watching beautiful butterflies flying among the flowers and green leaves. They are so close to me, and also bright sunshine surrounds me-studying insects in the forest and shooting them for videos and compose music for them with professors and a group of guys who are also keen on insect is my dream!

Suddenly, I opened my eyes and something seemed to cross my mind! Yes, it was YouTube! I had a feeling that my dream was not so far away-it might come true. I jumped out of bed and sit at my desk, turned on my laptop. I was so excited when I was searching “butterfly” on YouTube! The results for “butterfly” were not what I wanted because all of them shown were MTV or TV play. I believed in YouTube because I thought there must be some people who were very interested butterflies sharing videos on the world biggest video sharing website! Then I changed the words and searched more precise words “beautiful butterfly”. The results were perfect!

I wanted to leave comments to the videos and try to connect the creators. I hoped them might be the professors or people who did some relevant job. If we become friends, it may change my life and my dream will come true!

YouTube is not only a platform for entertainment, but also a turning point in my life!

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Just Enjoy Life in the UK

Just enjoy life in the UK

It is time to write something about my oversea study life-life in the UK. At first, it was very strange to me and made me very curious about it. Then I found many hardness in my life-study pressure appeared and communication barriers due to language and my introverted personality. That period is really hard to me. At that time I found many other Chinese students were happy everyday and they seemed to be confident to manage every thing. So I tried to open my eyes to the new life. Now, I find that happiness is everywhere in our life. Even though sometimes I feel disappointed, sad, pain or other negative emotions, I will find the opposite side if I want to-the key is the attitude to the life.

A new attitude to my hairstyle

I haven’t had my hair cut for almost two months. It never happened to me when I am in china. I am a clean guy and I like the feeling of fresh and cool, so usually I have my hair cut every three weeks when I am in my homeland. I never have a chance for a long hairstyle and I used to consider that it would give people an impress of degenerate, decadence and emptiness loneliness loss. So when I was too tired and too busy to have my hair cut in the UK, I usually could not feel happy and cheer myself up.

But now when I learn to adapt new environment and overcome difficulties, I can find more happiness. Long hair doesn’t always make me disappointed and tired. After taking a shower, I feel it is so cool, my flat mate said so, too!

Attitude is so important. Life can be more interesting if you can accept it in a right way. Do difficulties in my life make me mad? NO! I will overcome them and find the exhilaration of victory!

So just enjoy life in the UK. Keep on and enjoy it!

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My View on Copyright

When it comes to copyright, it is easy for me to understand it. Everybody knows what copyright means but is it close to our daily life? At least it is not so closed or so important to my daily life. I think it is the same with most Chinese people because in china, we just download or copy what we are interested in and never give consideration to copyright, license, etc. the government admit copyright in law but never take effective actions to safeguard it and there is no protection of copyright is not violated especially when it happens to common people’s daily life such as downloading free mp3 or videos from internet rather than commercial or academic context.

I don’t want to criticize the government so much or condemn people’s behaviors as mentioned above to show my noble qualities. I won’t to avoid admitting that I never pay to download music or whatever, either. On the contrary, I think there are some reasonable grounds for crowd behavior.

Downloading music without payment is one of the most common phenomena. So it is a good example to be analyzed. First, I think the essence of composing music is to share it. All the composers want their works be listened to. That is to say music itself (or other artistic form such as video) is composed for audience. So to the extent copyright is a kind of obstruction for music spreading. Second, with the development of internet, people have many convenient ways to obtain what they want. Even though there is no link for a free download, people can also copy the file from the Temporary Folders in their computers after online audition. I think most musicians themselves can agree with me. They don’t anticipate making a living by charging when people download their works. Quite many of them hope people can get their works in an easy way, the more audiences the better. So free music becomes a form of advertisement of the musicians, which make them famous. Then companies will find them and pay them-their works at least step into commercial context. Now you can know how hard Chinese people make a living and reason why there is no platform in China such as sound cloud or myspace where people can sell their works. 

Sometimes it is unfair for the artists when their works are used or changed without giving a clear indication of original creators. So I prefer the Creative Commons License because it is between All Rights Reserved and Public Domain.

I hope that Creative Commons License can develop in China.

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A Way to Release Emotions-Writing a Blog

(wonderful music while reading)

I haven’t had a habit for keeping a diary, but now I find I like to write something for my blog in the dark night. I think writing a blog is not only a way to “sell myself”, but also a good way to release my emotions. Now I am writing a post in a diary style. The difference with a “real diary” is that I hope my friends to see it. Not too many, one or two who really care about me is enough!

Let’s talk about cry. I can’t remember the exact time when I cried last time. But I am sure when I was born, I must be crying. All of us were crying when we were born but nobody of us knew the reason why we cried because we were unconscious when we were babies. So I believe cry is a gift that God gives us. We begin to know that cry is given different emotions when we grow up. We cry when we feel pain, melancholy and sadness or joyful and excited mood.

Last night I cried. Pain or melancholy and sadness hardly make me cry. The real reason which made me cry was that I was so happy yesterday. My friends! We didn’t have a call with each other for a long time. But yesterday, I must admit that traditional facility-cell phone overcame the new media. The voice coming out from my cell phone was so similar to me. We didn’t use QQ even though we can saw each other when speaking. Without any image, we just listened to each other and I cherished every encouragement and blessing from my friends.

There are few opportunities for men to cry so that they can release their emotions. I am a hardy man and I only cry when it is really worth doing that. Thank you, all my friends! I miss you a lot. I will overcome all kinds of difficulties and enjoy the whole process because I don’t have reasons to give up-just because of you!

I write the post to record the event in my life! I love you!

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Life with Media Convergence

Everyday I just keep my cell phone near me. When I go out for lectures, I put it in my pocket. When I study at desk, I just put it beside my books. When I go to bed, I put it next to my pillow. Why do I need the small cell phone to be company with me all the time? Is it just for call somebody or answer calls from others? Or just send messages with my friends each other? Not entirely correct. My cell phone is used in many other different ways-I use it to listen to the music, take photos and get into internet to look through some news on webpage. With the internet available, I also use software such as QQ or MSN to chat with my family or keep in touch with my friends. A cell phone is no longer it used to be. It is a platform for social media convergence.

Media convergence makes it very convenient for people to search and utilize information. I recall when I was a child, a peace of world famous music playing on TV such as Chopin’s waltz could attract all my attention. I stopped the work on the hand and rushed out of my room to living room to watch TV. I was very excited and cherished the very short period when my favorite music was playing on TV. But now this won’t happen again. I just search the name of the music I am interested on the internet, then countless sources of audio or even performance videos on YouTube will displayed on the pages. I can choose ones with best quality and download them into my computer. Due to technological convergence of media, I even don’t have to sit at computer, instead, I can put all these files into my cell phone and enjoy the music whenever I want to.

Indeed, media convergence benefits us a lot. We can get access to countless information and choose what we want rather than accept passively. We also can decide in which way we use them such as the way I listen to music with cell phone. Everything looks good but do we cherish what we get as before? I don’t think so. Yong generation don’t collect news from newspapers and read them in depth like their grand parent generation do. Anyway, I prefer the new style of media-media convergence.

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Ture Rice in renren-Chinese facebook

Usually,when I am asked:”How are you?”I simply reply without any thinking :”Fine,thanks.”I find the samiliar thing happened to even all the people I meet with in my life. Their answers are amazing the same :”Good , and you?”or”I am great. How about you?”Even I find that even though some people are not in a good situation,they try to reply an normal answer such as “Fine” to make the greeating end.After greetings,if there continue to be a conversation, the topic will always be the university,the event happened recently and even the weather.I don’t believe that these topics are attravtive to both persons who are talking to each other in the conversation.But almost everybody will do that.Image that I said “I was watching a worm turned to be a pupa,then it became a butterfly;or I saw a big dragonfly caught a small one while flying and then ate it when it stopped on a tree branch” to a person I know when we meet,the listener would be very  embarrassed and he or she would consider I am so strange a guy!So I don’t dare to express myself and just avoid these topics I am really intersted in.I think most people will do it in the same way.

Luckily, the situation changed when I have a digital identity on renren-Chinese facebook.This is a good opprtunaty for me to show myself in a real way.I like renren because it is a small world of myself and I can control it!I don’t fear to put some “strange content” in my own space because I know the people who will see them are my friends-close friends and new friends.I am confident that my real friend who really understand me will leave a comment:”wow,that’s incredible wonderful pictures!You must have a good time last week because I know you are crazy on insects!That’s so cool!”and I hope many new friends will know much about me.Then I believe many new friends will become my close friends if they can accept me after knowing my hobbies.

I love renren and cannot live without it because it is a kind of SNS web which more depth intepersonal interaction.Social media help people cement relationships.

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Are we changing or changed by business?

Is social media changing business? The answer is definitely yes. Are we changing business ,too?the answer is also yes!Actually we are make a big contribution to changing the busness with various kinds of social media when we accept new style of business.

Everything was “pure”when it was born.It may look having nothing to do with what I write but It is indeed true when it comes to social media in business context.

Just four years ago,when it was the first year in my university,I got to contact social media like xiaonei(chinese facebook,it is now called renren) and taobao(chinese ebay).Actually, I think they were not a real social media because they were so “pure” :there were not so huge number of membership and people just do the most basic things-put individual information on it and found friends,or just buy things from small self-employed shop online(I think it just a kind of c2c business).Few big companes will notice thses platforms and  you maight never think your views or impressions would greatly affect them.

But now,just look through these websites,you will find you can easily become a friend (or a fan)of a singger star or famous brand or some organizations.Also,many famous brands(I mean many big companies)open their flagship store online!

The reason why so many commercial foucus on these platforms is that they become real social media from simple tools to facilitate people.And the core of this change is communication-audiences make conversation and talk to each other-more and more people involved-more and more people believe more in the masses who have the same identities-audiences(it means customers to business).

“you can’t just say it.You have to get the people say it to each other.”–James Farlay

Our comments or impressions on the products or services are so important to others.So in fact we ourselves help social media to change business.In turn,when we intend to spend our money on something, we are used to refer others opinions so that we can have true and complete information and judge if it is most suitable for us.

We are changing and changed by business styles.I think that is what social media functions in business context.

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